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The GeoAfrika Group of Companies comprises MHP Geomatics, MHP GeoSpace, MHP Consulting, Siyazama Consulting, Thistledown Properties and HSG Inc, the Group Attorneys. We offer a complete development service to property developers and organisations requiring property management services. Our core service offerings include the valuation of property, acquisition of development rights, surveying in all of its forms, sales administration, development management, conveyancing, GIS mapping services and environmental assessments. Range of Services offered by the Group



MHP Geomatics:
  • Tel: 031 266 8242
  • Fax: 031 266 7005
  • Email: mhp@mhp.co.za

  • Tel: 012 665 2252
  • Fax: 012 665 3224
  • Email: joe@mhpgeo.co.za

HSG Inc:
  • Tel: 031 940 1206
  • Fax: 031 266 7790
  • Email: karlh@hsginc.co.za

MHP GeoSpace
  • Tel: 031 266 9316
  • Fax: 031 266 9366
  • Email: info@mhpgeospace.co.za

Siyazama Consulting
  • Tel: 031 940 1208
  • Fax: 086 433 0537
  • Email: info@siyaconsulting.co.za

Thistledown Properties
  • Tel: 031 9401207
  • Fax: 031 266 9810
  • Email: info@thistleprop.co.za

The GeoAfrika Group of Companies



MHP Geomatics Incorporated (“MHP”) – A multidisciplinary support team in the field of Geomatics. MHP is arguably the largest survey company in Africa and offers the full range of survey services.


Land Reform

Siyazama Consulting was formed in 1999 to secure development rights on low income housing projects. Shareholders of the company had built up extensive experience in dealing with land / legal problems relating to the delivery of housing.


Survey Administration

MANCO is a dedicated property management company specialising in property solutions for major projects and parastatals. It was initially formed to respond to the outsourcing by SANRAL of its survey requirements in 1998. The company is now an integral part of the MAJV which was appointed in 2010 to provide a comprehensive property service to SANRAL.


GIS and IT

MHP GeoSpace specialises in the development and operation of comprehensive land information systems that are built on legally correct spatial cadastral data. MHP GeoSpace is responsible for the design, development, maintenance and hosting of the internet-based system that tracks and records the work flow of our large clients, and projects, through the multiple development stages and as they pertain to that project’s development cycle including legal, financial, survey, valuation, environmental and construction through to close out.



Hornby, Smyly, Glavovic Inc is the GeoAfrika Group’s attorneys. The firm is a pioneer in the field of development, planning and environmental law. The firm is also considered as experts in the land-legal sector and have very strong project facilitation and property management skills.

Thistledown is a recent addition to the GeoAfrika stable and was formed to support specific financial services provided to SANRAL. It has since grown substantially and now provides these services to a range of major projects and clients.