Aerial Surveys & Inspection

Aerial Surveys provide crucial datasets for planning and development of large-scale project areas. Datasets are typically collected in two different formats. VISUAL DATA (colour/infrared/thermal imagery) and TERRAIN DATA (LIDAR or Photogrammetric). The rapid rise of UAV technology has re-vitalised the interest in this survey field and lowered the cost.

We operate a number of different UAV platforms to provide services for mapping, construction monitoring, inspection and land-invasion applications. All of our aircraft and pilots are registered with the SACAA for the above applications. We also have close associations with a number of industry-leading, large-format service providers to provide complete aerial datasets regardless of the project size.



SANRAL Land Survey Management

The South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) network comprises of nearly 22,691km of road infrastructure. This equates to an estimated 500 million hectares of land that requires administration, management and [...]


Msikaba River Bridge | Wild Coast

The Msikaba bridge is a cable-stayed steel deck bridge, currently under construction, spanning the Msikaba River, near Lusisiki in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The Msikaba bridge forms part of the N2 [...]


Cato Ridge Logistics Hub | KZN

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