Land Rights

The provision and protection of Land Rights is a fundamental cornerstone of an economically successful country. In most of Southern Africa these Land Rights are defined and documented by diagrams and plans prepared by Geomatics Professional Land Surveyors (GPrLS). These include diagrams that define freehold boundaries, servitude rights, leasehold rights and mineral rights.

GeoAfrika Surveys employs more Professional Land Surveyors (PLS) than any other organisation in Africa and have over 100 years combined experience in preparing and submitting Diagrams to the numerous Surveyor-General office’s across Southern Africa.

We are also proud to be considered one of the top organisations at which Geomatics Professional Land Surveyors – in Training (GPrLST) undertake their articles period training. The students graduate from this training programme as some of the most diversely skilled Professionals in the country.



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