Mass Data Capture - Field and Office

Large scale data capture, whether in the field or office, is commonly a requirement of projects undertaken by GeoAfrika Technologies. The company has gained experience in the deployment and management of field teams to capture a variety of data, including both fixed assets and field-based interviews. These teams typically utilise GPS technology and customised applications to facilitate the project’s unique requirements.

GeoAfrika Technologies has access to higher precision instruments through the GeoAfrika Group companies should that be required. Office-based capture includes geo-referencing and capture of paper based and scanned material and conversion of that information into usable formats for further analysis. GeoAfrika Technologies has the capacity to carry out such projects to deliver an accurate and consistent product.



Amathole District Municipality GIS Web Portal

The Amathole District Municipality GIS web portal consists of a traditional information portal and a number of customised GIS-based views. The views include an Integrated Municipal Property Information System that [...]