Working in the built environment entails navigating a complex, constantly changing landscape. Whether in large-scale institutional and infrastructural construction or commercial and residential projects, development requires one to tackle a range of environmental, legal, social and physical challenges, all while operating within tight budgets and time constraints.

What is developed today also has a long-term legacy, so considering the lifespan of a building or piece of infrastructure is critical. This ensures that an investment is maximised, both in terms of social impact and financial return. It is within this context that GeoAfrika has made a name for itself – pioneering resourceful, responsible leadership and supporting clients across the entire development cycle.

Uniting specialists with unique skills and a common vision

GeoAfrika was founded as an association of leading independent businesses operating in the built environment sector. These included MHP Geomatics (focused on surveying), MHP Geospace (developing Geographical Information Systems solutions), HSG (the group’s legal service providers) and Thistledown (a property management company).

This network of like-minded companies shared a similar vision for the built environment and allowed each to ensure that they could draw on the skills of a trusted partner as needed. With the landscape around the group changing and the different businesses becoming increasingly closely linked, however, the decision was taken in late 2018 to consolidate under a united brand to better serve the market.

A renewed focus. A renewed identity.

The alignment and rebranding journey was undertaken with ITI, a Durban-based brand development and communication agency. The process entailed an initial strategic analysis of the companies value propositions in order to articulate the brand relationships and roles going forward, along with defining the core ideologies that set GeoAfrika apart. Following, this, the brand’s look and feel was reassessed and redesigned so that the way the business presented itself to the market better reflected its culture and offering.

As a result, the four different businesses are now positioned as divisions under the overarching, redesigned GeoAfrika brand, with a consistent brand handwriting and identity. MHP Geomatics is now GeoAfrika Surveys, MHP Geospace is now GeoAfrika Technologies, Thistledown is now GeoAfrika Property Management, and HSG remains an independent legal practice, although with a refreshed identity. The results of the rebranding process were shared for the first time at launch functions held in Durban and Johannesburg in March 2019, and have taken effect throughout the business.

Single-minded, seamless service

With a closer internal alignment, GeoAfrika is now able to seamlessly offer town planning, acquisition of development rights, land surveying, sales administration, development management, conveyancing, GIS solutions and environmental assessments, all under one stable.

This holistic approach gives the team a big picture approach across the development cycle, enabling them to find simplicity within the complexity. This means any potential issues can be spotted and addressed upfront, reducing risk, delays and unanticipated spend.

Looking to the future

Although the group has a new identity, the same traits that have helped it to succeed are still a key part of the culture – often even more so now that the strategic focus of the business has been clarified. With all this in mind, the divisions are poised to be an even more effective contributor to the development of the built environment, both in South Africa and in markets further afield, all with the aim of leaving a responsible legacy for generations to come.

For more information on GeoAfrika and the work it does, you can watch our new brand film and visit its website to read up on its offering and project case studies. You can also get in touch to start the conversation about how GeoAfrika can add value to your next project.