The Risks of Not Having a Land Survey

A land survey is an essential part of buying, selling, or developing land


It’s used to determine the boundaries and dimensions of a property, as well as any potential issues that could affect the use of that land. Without an accurate and comprehensive survey, you run the risk of making costly mistakes. Let’s look at some of the risks associated with not having a land survey.


Legal Disputes

One of the most common risks associated with not having a land survey is legal disputes. If you purchase or develop land without a proper survey, your neighbor may take issue with your boundary lines or other aspects of your property—which can lead to costly legal disputes. A professional surveyor can easily detect any discrepancies between properties before they become bigger problems down the road.


Structural Issues

Another potential issue is structural issues on your property. Without a detailed and accurate survey, it’s difficult to know exactly where utilities are located and if there are any other structures on the property that could potentially impact its use. If you fail to identify these issues before purchasing or developing land, it could lead to costly delays in construction or unexpected repairs due to existing structures on the property.

Unforeseen Liabilities

Finally, there is also the risk of unforeseen liabilities when owning land without a proper survey. Without knowing all the details about your property—such as easements and encroachments—you may be liable for fees or damages related to those items down the road if they were not identified previously via a thorough land survey process.


No matter what type of business you are in – whether it’s real estate development, construction, homebuilding – having an accurate and up-to-date land survey is absolutely essential for avoiding costly mistakes down the road. Professional surveys help ensure that you are able to clearly identify boundary lines, locate utilities and structures on the property that could impede progress, and identify any potential liabilities related to ownership of that specific piece of land. Investing in an accurate and comprehensive land survey now will save you time and money in the long run!

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