About Us

GeoAfrika Property Management (Pty) Ltd was born in 2010 as Thistledown Properties (Pty) Ltd. This Company was created to offer a property management & facility management service to a Joint Venture Company that had won a prestigious national project. Over the next nine years Thistledown Properties would grow and develop experience and expertise in managing the regional buildings of a major government institution.

GeoAfrika Property Management Team

In February 2019 Thistledown Properties was renamed as GeoAfrika Property Management to pave the way for GeoAfrika Property Management becoming a proud member of the GeoAfrika Group of Companies.

During 2019 GeoAfrika Property Management developed a vision of diversifying the business into different divisions to offer further sustainability. This vision resulted in Enhance Maintenance and Levytate Managing Agents being born, while the Facilities Management division continued with its equal value proposition.

Having inherited the staff, resources, skills and knowledge from Thistledown, coupled with the new vision GAPM has gone from strength to strength under the leadership of its original Directors.

GeoAfrika Property Management continues to proudly offer a variety of services that ultimately encompasses everything associated with the smooth running of our client’s properties, ensuring that their properties maintain their investment value now and in the future. We understand the importance of providing high quality yet affordable service.

GAPM provides a service offering that also includes a unique IT solution to both the Facilities Management and Managing Agent environments that will improve productivity, enhance efficiency and add value. We believe in working smarter , not harder.

Over the years GAPM has developed a wealth of experience and expertise as a Facilities and Property Manager, positioning ourselves to become a leading, all encompassing Property Management Company.