GeoAfrika and the Development Cycle: Management

Previously, I looked at the planning and construction phases of a development project. In this post I want to focus on the last and final phase: the management of the development once it is completed. This describes the on-going life of the development and is proportionally the longest phase of [...]

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GeoAfrika and the Development Cycle: Construction

Previously, we looked at the role proper planning plays in ensuring the smooth rollout of a development project. In this post we will move on to the next phase – the actual construction itself. This is where people tend to focus most of their attention because [...]

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GeoAfrika and the Development Cycle: Planning

Developing the built environment is a complex process with many variables at play. It can, however, essentially be represented as a linear journey, from planning, through to construction, and then the on-going life of a project. There are various thresholds to pass through along the way [...]

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Five ways GeoAfrika is redefining the development landscape

As a group, GeoAfrika brings together the expertise and skills of a range of specialists operating across the development cycle. This unique alliance enhances each individual service offering through the sharing of IP and ensures we bring a compelling advantage when working on the developments shaping [...]

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How GeoAfrika Used a Rebrand as an Opportunity to Rethink Built Environment Solutions

Working in the built environment entails navigating a complex, constantly changing landscape. Whether in large-scale institutional and infrastructural construction or commercial and residential projects, development requires one to tackle a range of environmental, legal, social and physical challenges, all while operating within tight budgets and time [...]

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