GeoAfrika brings together the expertise of a
range of specialists across the development cycle

Our unique combination of skills, knowledge and experience combined with our specific viewpoint on development delivers an impressive value-add to our clients’ projects. Our mission is to find simplicity within complexity and ensure that you get the best bespoke solutions for your project. The multidisciplinary nature of our teams ensures high quality insight by drawing on a diverse set of skills, providing you with a single source of all the services your project needs.

Leading the property development process

We help to manage the entire property development process through a complex and often risky landscape and provide the certainty and accountability you need to bring your vision to life.

One access point to a range of services

We’re able to assist you across a range of professional specialisations. This combination means we’re able to better identify and solve problems along your journey and also work more cost-effectively than a group of individual professionals.

Superior Technical Expertise

Our secure, consolidated information systems ensure that we harness the power of your data. We also combine this technical expertise with our professional knowledge to develop custom digital tools.

We are a team of experts with a professional approach. Our technology combined with our
multi-disciplinary skills and knowledge brings focus and insight to the solutions we create for you.

GeoAfrika Surveys is experienced at both large-scale infrastructure projects and smaller-scale developments.

Services Include:

GeoAfrika Technologies is a leading Geographic Information System (GIS) company with a focus on geospatial solutions and application development.

Services Include:

GeoAfrika Property Management expertise extends to built-environment services into the areas of facility and property management

Services Include:

HSG Attorneys are pioneers in development, planning and environmental law with expertise in the land-legal sector

Services Include:

General conveyancing
Project-related conveyancing
Property law
Planning law
Land-legal solutions
Land tenure resolutions
Notarial practice
Environmental law
Property management
Commercial law
Property-related litigation

Shaping our legacy

Grounded by our DNA and guided by our pioneering vision, we are confident that we are part of creating a positive legacy for South Africa. Our impact is felt not only in the developments we help to shape,  but also in our commitment to growing skills and expertise in our industry.

Our ambition is to be a force for good in South Africa, giving people access to opportunities to flourish in the world and in their own personal growth for the benefit of all.

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