Ilembe District Municipality Water & Sanitation Data Verification


  • Undertake a user requirement analysis.
  • Design a geodatabase to hold water and sanitation infrastructure.
  • Conduct a data ferreting exercise to determine available data from outside sources i.e. local municipalities.
  • Capture data in the greater Gledhow area into the GIS.
  • Quantify the amount of water and sanitation infrastructure to be captured over the whole Ilembe DM.
  • Compile a data maintenance plan.

Client: Ilembe District Municipality

Date: December 2013 - May 2014

GIS datasets used to monitor and manage the water and sanitation infrastructure in the Ilembe District Municipality (DM) were found to be in poor condition, with datasets compiled on an ad hoc basis from various sources. Very little to no quality assurance checks were being conducted on these datasets and there was no defined database structure in place. As a result, these GIS datasets contained numerous errors and gaps, and lacked adequate attribute information.

Ilembe DM recognised the need to upgrade their datasets, and appointed GeoAfrika Technologies to undertake a pilot project to capture and verify GIS information in the greater Gledhow area.