Use of Satellite Imagery and different regions of the Electromagnetic Spectrum to conduct seasonal crop verifications

The use of Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing is just one of the many tools the GIS team at GeoAfrika Technologies use on our various projects. Recently, we were fortunate enough to work on a project where the use of readily available satellite imagery was used as a means of analyzing crops during an active growing season.

This process involved using a combination of satellite images captured based on their spectral bands and wavelengths. For the purpose of the project we used spectral band composites indicating true/natural color, false color to identify vegetation density, barren soil to identify non-vegetative areas and lastly agricultural composites commonly used to monitor crop health.

Our methodology ensures a cost-effective, clean and accurate deliverable with a quick turnaround time for our client. As a result, our client is able to make the necessary vital and informed decisions based on our analysis and reporting. Contact us on or 087 941 6879 if you would like to know more and/or if you require our services.

About the Author: Juliette Rowlett

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