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Spatial Integration Framework

Towards the earlier half of 2022, GeoAfrika Technologies in collaboration with Focus Project Management were appointed, by the KZN Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA), as the preferred service provider to support the implementation of the Spatial Integration Framework and the revision of the current GIS based “Spatial Equity and Prioritization Tool” (SEPT).

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The Importance of Town Planning in Construction Projects

Town planning is a crucial aspect of any construction project, as it sets the stage for the development of the project. Every construction project is unique because it is situated in an area with unique features, such as the shape of the land, the waterways, and existing infrastructure. Therefore, town planning helps to ensure that any construction project is well-developed within its context, from identifying the best location for a building to ensuring that it meets the requirements and regulations of the local government. In this article, we explore the reasons why town planning is essential in construction projects.

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Years of Expertise with Levytate Managing Agents

Levytate Managing Agents' residential solution is powered by custom-built technology that makes property oversight seamless. At Levytate Managing Agents, we specialise in managing agents for residential community schemes. Our experienced staff offers quality services such as creating an organised management structure, ensuring compliance with statutory requirements and local regulations, carrying out regular maintenance tasks, improving visibility within the local area, and managing all financial transactions related to the property. We also offer a complete suite of services designed to make monitoring and managing your residential properties easier than ever before.

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Unlock the Potential of Your Built Environment

A well-designed and maintained built environment is essential for businesses to keep operations running smoothly. With customised property and facility management solutions, you can ensure peace of mind with seamless administration and maintenance. Property management solutions are comprehensive services that enable organisations to manage their physical assets throughout the entire life cycle, from acquisition to disposal.

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The Evolution of GIS Technology

The world of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is undergoing a massive transformation. With a powerful suite of new capabilities, professionals across engineering, surveying, and planning are able to get more insights from their spatial datasets than ever before. Let’s explore how technology is changing the game for industry professionals  and how it can help you unlock hidden value from your spatial data.

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The What, Why, and How of Land Surveying

If you’ve ever been involved in a construction project or purchased land, chances are you’re familiar with the term “land survey.” But do you know what it is exactly, why it’s important, and how it’s conducted? Let's explore the land surveying process and discover why accuracy matters for construction projects as well as for measuring boundaries.

The What, Why, and How of Land Surveying2023-12-27T09:04:33+00:00

What Is GIS Consulting and How Can It Help Your Business?

GIS consulting is the process of providing expert advice and services related to geographic information systems (GIS). The purpose of GIS consulting is to advise clients on how to use their data for a variety of applications, including mapping, analysis, decision making, and visualization. GeoAfrika Technologies offers GIS consulting services that are tailored to each client’s individual needs.

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The Risks of Not Having a Land Survey

It’s used to determine the boundaries and dimensions of a property, as well as any potential issues that could affect the use of that land. Without an accurate and comprehensive survey, you run the risk of making costly mistakes. Let’s look at some of the risks associated with not having a land survey. One of the most common risks associated with not having a land survey is legal disputes. If you purchase or develop land without a proper survey, your neighbor may take issue with your boundary lines or other aspects of your property—which can lead to costly legal disputes.

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Craig Silva has been appointed to the National Council for the Built Environment

GeoAfrika Surveys very own CEO, Craig Silva, has been appointed to the National Council for the Built Environment (CBE) under South Africa's Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructure. As a Schedule 3A body, CBE is responsible for setting professional standards and ensuring good conduct within built environment professions on behalf of national interests and citizens alike. Formed by an Act in 2000, this organization works towards mobilizing transformation in all related proficiencies while providing advice to government departments when needed.

Craig Silva has been appointed to the National Council for the Built Environment2023-12-27T09:58:08+00:00
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