Implementing spatial integration framework and revising GIS-based spatial equity tool


  • To review the spatial integration framework in terms of assessments proposed and the identification of any additional assessments.
  • To review the existing Spatial Equity Tool and realign and update the existing assessments with the Spatial Integration approach, as well as outcomes of the PSDF Review.
  • To develop population projection functionality and settlement footprint delineation.
  • To enhance and further develop reporting from the tool, including weighting functionality; and
  • To adequately capacitate key users on the maintenance and use of the tool.

Client: Focus Project Management – for KZN Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA).

Date: July 2022 – May 2023

Focus Project Management, together with GeoAfrika Technologies have been appointed to support KZN CoGTA with the implementation of the Spatial Integration Framework (SIF) and the revision of the current GIS based Spatial Equity Tool (SEPT). This includes the analysis, testing and the updating of the existing tool to align with the new approach of Spatial Integration. The revision includes the development of new interfaces to be used for report generation and to consider the spatial outcomes of the recent PSDF review, including new and updated data sets.