Tongaat Hulett Property GIS Support Service


• Data integration
• Data management
• Data analysis
• Map and report production
• GIS software support

Client: Tongaat Hulett Developments (Pty) Ltd

Date: 2002- Present

GeoAfrika Technologies has provided Tongaat Hulett Developments with continuous service since 2002. This support includes; provision of a full-time onsite GIS Technician, the provision of GIS resources as back-up to the onsite Technician and for supplementary work, the provision of a GIS Specialist to oversee the technical aspects of the support and the provision of a GIS Manager to manage deliverables and client expectations.

Tongaat Hulett Developments has a Corporate GIS installation, based on ESRI software that supports the business of property development. The onsite GIS resource manages all data received from service providers and incorporates that into the corporate database to enable map and report production. The GIS and related data supports planning, development, property transactions and monitoring.