Amathole District Municipality GIS Data Capture and Verification


  • Conducting a data audit and data ferreting exercise.
  • Undertaking a user requirement analysis with all departments of the District Municipality.
  • Designing a geodatabase to hold the spatial information.
  • Creating a data dictionary for the field capture of spatial information.
  • Creating capture forms for manual capture of attribute information.
  • Creating locality maps to assist the capture teams to navigate and orientate themselves in the field.
  • Developing a web-based interface for the manual capturing of attribute data.

Client: Amathole District Municipality

Date: 2011 - 2012

Since 2008, the Amathole District Municipality has used GIS technology to capture information about its infrastructure in order to aid in roles like development planning, disaster response and project management. When not properly managed and updated, however, data can become obsolete, and by 2011 the District Municipality found their datasets were not accurate enough to make informed decisions. Eighteen key datasets were identified by the client and GeoAfrika Technologies worked with the relevant stakeholders, including ward councillors and local communities, to spatially capture and verify the required information. This was then published through a GIS web map and supported by a data maintenance plan.