Cato Ridge Logistics Hub | KZN


  • High order ground control establishment
  • LIDAR Survey
  • RGB orthophoto data capture and processing
  • Land Rights Audit

Client: ZUTARI

Date: 2019

The Cato Ridge Development Project is aimed at improving the Durban Ports’ efficiency and create additional capacity through decongestion of the Port Precinct and Durban CBD to keep up with economic growth. The Hub will form one of the largest dry port areas in Africa. ZUTARI (formerly AURECON South Africa) required detailed base-map information and imagery in order to design service, road and logistics layouts.

GeoAfrika Surveys established high-order ground control points and undertook high specification LIDAR and aerial surveys to meet the clients engineering design requirements. We further provided a detailed Land Audit of the project area detailing SG parcel metadata, parcel ownership details, conditions of title, servitude restrictions and title deed information.