KZN Department of Transport – GIS Maintenance and Support


  • GIS Software management and maintenance.
  • Capture, edit, classify and maintain KZN DOT Road Network.
  • Develop, support and maintain the KZN DOT GIS Website.
  • Provide GIS training and user documentation to KZN DOT resources.
  • Geo-reference and capture attributes of engineering and related plans.
  • Develop models, systems and applications.
  • Integration of data relevant to the KZN DOT Road Network.

Client: KZN Department of Transport

Date: 2017 - 2020

This project is a continuation of a long term association with the KZN DOT, where GeoAfrika Technologies has provided specialist support and GIS software and maintenance services. This project included ongoing maintenance of the KZN DOT Road Network (215 000 km), support to the GIS software environment, re-develop the KZN DOT GIS Website, provision of training to resources, further development of systems and applications and the integration of additional datasets relevant to the KZN DOT road Network. A significant scanning, capture and geo-referencing exercise was conducted on more than 33 000 plans to incorporate these into the spatial data repository and to populate the Plans Management System.