Housing Development Workflow Management System


  • Search for a ward by selecting from a list of ward numbers.
  • Search for a 1:2000 map-book sheet reference by selecting from a list of sheet numbers.
  • Find sites visually on the GIS map or by keying in the house ID.
  • Produce a map (to scale) using A3 or A4 in either a portrait or landscape layout and export to your format of choice.
  • Runs on all standard web browsers with no additional software required.
  • Comprehensive reporting of various stages of the housing development listing totals by ward and status.
  • Symbology to indicate site and beneficiary status.
  • A central SQL Server database that integrates with Microsoft SharePoint, K2 and ESRI ArcGIS Server technology.

Client: Vulindlela Development Associates

Date: 2011 - Present

In order to effectively manage large housing developments, GeoAfrika Technologies developed a Housing Development Workflow Management System. The system ensures that construction managers and engineers are informed timeously on the progress being made on the tasks they are required to attend to during the construction phase of each house. Project managers are also able to track the progress of the development and are notified should a site fall behind schedule. This system was used to successfully manage one of the largest low-cost housing projects in South Africa – the Vulindlela Housing project, comprising some 25,000 houses.