Integrated Municipal Property Information Management System


  • Search for properties by key fields.
  • Display of spatial and non-spatial information.
  • Integrate property information from diverse sources.
  • User-level security and associated permissions.

Client: Various Municipalities

Date: 2006 - present

The Integrated Municipal Property Information System is a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) web-based system that enables users to view and query municipal property-related information from multiple departments within a municipality from a single web portal. This system has been implemented at Ingwe and Kokstad Local Municipalities and all seven of the local municipalities that fall under the Amathole District Municipality. The system displays both spatial and textual information. The system pulls information from a variety of sources: GIS-based cadastre, Title Deeds, Valuation Roll, Municipal Financial System, Building Plan Information, the Surveyor-General Diagrams and the Town Planning Registers.