Property Information Management System


  • Web and Microsoft SharePoint-based portal that allows users to view the tasks related to their role within the business processes.
  • Users are assigned roles that are linked to various tasks.
  • Tasks are managed and tracked to completion.
  • Automated email notifications of task progress.
  • An online document repository allowing users to search and find documents.
  • User level security.
  • Runs on standard web browsers with no additional software required.
  • An auditable database which tracks the completion of tasks by each user based on their login credentials.
  • Linked to a spatial property viewer based on the Esri ArcGIS Server platform.
  • The system supports business processes for leases, expropriations, property inspections, municipal account payments and building maintenance.

Client: Manco-Aurecon JV

Date: 2010 - Present

In order to support the business process workflows for properties managed by the Manco-Aurecon JV, GeoAfrika Technologies developed the Property Information System – a web-based Microsoft SharePoint, K2 workflow system that integrates with GIS and allows users to view, query and complete tasks aligned to all property management business processes.