Royal Palm Estate


  • Land assembly and planning: preparing land audits, compiling development application in terms of the Development Facilitation Act, and consolidating various portions of old sugarcane farms.
  • Topographical surveying of land for the design of engineering services, laying out of land parcels, and grading and pricing sites based on selected criteria.
  • Setting out of roads, bulk services and development footprints.
  • Beaconing of site boundaries and submission of general plans to Surveyor-General’s Office.
  • Sectional title surveys.
  • Various ad hoc town planning applications so as to change the development rights in keeping with the demands of the region.

Client: Royal Palm Estate

Date: 2005 - present

Palm Lakes is a premium lifestyle development situated on the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. The estate comprises of residential, intermediate residential, commercial, mixed use, hotel and education sites, as well as various community facilities. It houses numerous sectional title developments, and has been well received by local and national buyers.