SANRAL Northern Region Office


  • Four levels, totalling around 8,905sqm.
  • Facilities including basement parking, conferencing, offices and recreation space.

Client: SANRAL

Date: November 2018 - present

GeoAfrika was tasked to undertake a due dilligence investigation and feasibility study for SANRAL on a building the organsiation was potentially looking to acquire to serve as their new Northern Region Office. This entailed validating the purchase price and interrogating all of the existing facilities.

Service providers were appointed to test all systems and GeoAfrika Property Management also conducted a thorough general inspection of the overall condition of the building with regards to operational functionality of the office space. This was all carried out on an extremely tight deadline as the property owner was only prepared to hold off other offers for a limited period of time. As a result of the exercise, however, the client saved about R4.5 million.

Following registration of the property, GeoAfrika was then tasked to prepare the building for occupation, also under a tight deadline. Electrical, air-conditioning, fire detection defects as well as numerous general repairs were carried out around the clock to meet the occupation date.