Royal Palms Property Sales Administration and Conveyancing Administration System


  • Real time sales and tracking of property and conveyancing information for residential property developments.
  • GIS map-based system accessed through a local intranet or the internet.
  • Find properties or units either visually on the GIS map or by keying in property or unit description.
  • Find available properties or units within a development based on price, size or unit type.
  • Produce sales and conveyancing maps and reports directly from the system.
  • Varying degrees of access and permissions for different users through user level security.
  • Requires no additional software and is run on standard web browsers.
  • A central database which prevents duplication of information or double selling of properties.

Client: Royal Palm Holdings

Date: 2006 - present

In 2006, GeoAfrika Technologies developed the Property Sales Administration and Conveyancing Administration System for Royal Palm Holdings. This is a GIS web-based system that allows users to track sales and conveyancing information of properties and sectional title complex units within a residential development.